Ancestor Worship: Just In Time

Ancestor Worship: Just In Time

Episode 57 looks into music from two Sonny Rollins albums on Riverside Records: Jazz Contrasts from May 21 & 27, 1957 with Kenny Dorham, Sonny Rollins, Hank Jones, Oscar Pettiford & Max Roach; and The Sound of Sonny, from June 11 or 12, 1957 with Rollins, Sonny Clark, Percy Heath & Roy Haynes.


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John Sinclair, Above Sensi Seed Bank, Amsterdam, September 12, 2013 [JSAW-0057]


[01] Opening Theme: Charlie Parker: Another Hairdo

[02] John Sinclair Intro & Opening Comments

[03] Kenny Dorham: La Villa

[04] Kenny Dorham: My Old Flame

[05] Kenny Dorham: Falling In Love With Love

[06] John Sinclair Comments

[07] Kenny Dorham: I’ll Remember April

[08] Sonny Rollins: The Last Time I Saw Paris

[09] Sonny Rollins: Toot, Toot, Tootsie

[10] John Sinclair Comments

[11] Sonny Rollins: Dearly Beloved

[12] Sonny Rollins: What Is There To Say?

[13] Sonny Rollins: Just In Time

[14] John Sinclair Closing Comments & Outro

[15] Closing Music: Sonny Rollins: Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye



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Produced, recorded, edited & assembled by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt

Special thanks to Mark Ritsema & Steve The Fly

Sponsored by The Hempshopper & Ceres Seeds, Amsterdam


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