Ancestor Worship: The Soul And Its Expression

Ancestor Worship: The Soul And Its Expression

The Horace Silver Quintet featuring Horace composing and on piano with a galaxy of modern jazz stars including Charles Tolliver, Woody Shaw, Randy Brecker, and Tom Harrell (trumpets), Stanley Turrentine, Tyrone Washington, Bennie Maupin, Bob Berg, Buddy Collette, Fred Jackson, Jerome Richardson, Lanny Morgan, Jack Nimitz, Bill Green, and Larry Schneider (reeds), Bob Cranshaw, Larry Ridley, John Williams, and Ron Carter (bass), Roger Humphries, Mickey Roker, Billy Cobham, and Al Foster (drums), David Friedman (vibraphone) ,Frank Rosolino (trombone), and Andy Bey and Gregory Hines (vocals), recorded for Blue Note Records between 1972 and 1978.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
John Sinclair, Institute for the Imagination, New Orleans, March 25, 2013 [JSAW-0032]

[01] Opening Theme: Charlie Parker: Another Hairdo
[02] John Sinclair Intro & Opening Comments
[03] Horace Silver Quintet: Psychedelic Sally
[04] Horace Silver Quintet: Mexican Hip Dance
[05] Horace Silver Quintet: It’s Time
[06] John Sinclair Comments
[07] Horace Silver Quartet: In Pursuit Of The 27th Man
[08] Horace Silver Quintet with Andy Bey: The Happy Medium
[09] Horace Silver Quintet with Horns: The Process Of Creation Suite:
Part 2, Assimilation
[10] John Sinclair Comments
[11] Horace Silver Quintet with Gregory Hines: The Soul And Its Expression: Part 1: The Search For Direction/Part 2: Direction Discovered
[12] John Sinclair Closing Comments & Outro
[13] Closing Music: Horace Silver Quintet: Peace April 8, 1970

Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced, recorded, edited & assembled by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Special thanks to Celia Sinclair, Frenchy, Tina & Two Bears, Dave Brinks, and Jimmy Cass
Sponsored by The Hempshopper & Ceres Seeds, Amsterdam

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