Big City Blues Cruise: Rock That Boogie

Big City Blues Cruise: Rock That Boogie

Martino D’Lorenzo is playing the blues on 45s, 78s and LPs from behind the wheel of the Big City Blues Cruise bus, spinning his classic modern radio programs from the 1980s and 1990s originally aired on WEMU-FM in Ypsilanti MI and now heard every Saturday on Radio Free Amsterdam.  Episode 13 features music by Red Prysock, John Campbell, Wilson Pickett, Fenton Robinson, Jimmy McCracklin, Joe Houston, Frankie Lee Sims, Clarence Samuels, Robert Nighthawk, Billy Boy Arnold, Roy Gaines, Elmore Nixon, Big Mama Thornton, Earl Forrest, Johnny Ace, Roscoe Gordon, Andrew Tibbs, Sonny Parker, Memphis Slim, and Albert King.


The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



Martino D’Lorenzo, WEMU-FM, Ypsilanti, February 28, 1993 [BCBC-0013]


[01] Opening Theme: Red Prysock: Jumbo >

[02] Martino D’Lorenzo Opening Comments & ID

[03] John Campbell: Ain’t Afraid of Midnight

[04] Wilson Pickett: Funky Broadway

[05] Fenton Robinson: The Freeze

[06] Martino D’Lorenzo Comments

[07] Jimmy McCracklin: I Don’t Care No More

[08] Joe Houston: Rock That Boogie

[09] Martino D’Lorenzo Comments

[10] Frankie Lee Sims: You Know My Love Is True

[11] Clarence Samuels: Lollipop Mama

[12] Martino D’Lorenzo Comments & ID

[13] Robert Nighthawk: My Sweet Loving Woman

[14] Billy Boy Arnold: My Heart Is Crying

[15] Roy Gaines: Isabella

[16] Martino D’Lorenzo Comments

[17] Elmore Nixon: The Hip Cat’s Advice

[18] Big Mama Thornton: Let Your Tears Fall, Baby

[19] Earl Forrest: Whoopin’ And A Hollerin’

[20] Johnny Ace: How Can You Be So Mean

[21] Roscoe Gordon: Keep On Doggin’

[22] Andrew Tibbs: Rock, Savoy, Rock

[22] Sonny Parker: She Set My Soul On Fire

[22] Memphis Slim: Living Like A King

[23] Martino D’Lorenzo Closing Comments

[24] Albert King: Blues Power

[25] Closing Theme: Red Prysock: Jumbo with Martino D’Lorenzo Outro



Hosted by Martino D’Lorenzo for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced by Martino D’Lorenzo at WEMU-FM, Ypsilanti MI

Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt

Sponsored by Hempshopper & Ceres Seeds, Amsterdam


© 1993, 2017 Tino Gross. Used with permission.


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