Cannabis Talk 31

Cannabis Talk 31

Saturday 6 November 2010 – Amsterdam Salto Studios
Radio-99.4 FM, Cable-104.6 | Broadcasting & streaming LIVE from Amsterdam

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Cannabis Talk is the cannabis-cultural & pot-political talk show that brings you the international news and insights from the world of recreational & medical marijuana and industrial hemp.

With weekly new studio guests, we’ll be taking a deeper look into the cannabis plant and the global industry and culture it has created. Tune in for your weekly dose of Cannabis Talk; 4:20 entertainment, economics, politics, history, reviews, festivals, products, activism, news, and gossip!


01) John Sinclair – Shake ‘Em On Down
02) Comments (Talking with Hank & Henk about Amsterdam)*
03) Ben Scales – I’m Growing Marijuana In My Yard
04) Ziggy Marley – A Fire Burns For Freedom
05) Audio Clip ‘Prop 19 didn’t pass, but this isn’t a loss
06) Comments (Talking with Hank & Henk about Prop 19)*
07) Otis Redding – Change Is Gona Come
08) Cannabis News From Friends Of Cannabis
09) Rebirth Brass Band – You Don’t Want To Go To War
10) Comments
11) Gregory Isaacs – Let Me Be Your Special Guest

What we talked about today:
* Ballot initiative California: Proposition 19
* Trans Love Energies

Radio Free Amsterdam & Self-Hemployed
Broadcasting and streaming live from the Salto Studios in Amsterdam, November 6, 2010
Executive Producer: PT Dante
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