Caleb Selah

Caleb Selah

Caleb Selah on Radio Free Amsterdam


Caleb Selah is the demonic host of The Fuck You Sound from in London, produced with Beefy Mason, heard every Sunday on Radio Free Amsterdam.

Caleb Selah was born before he will die. He believes he is wanted in connection with a number of incidents by many of the world’s law enforcement agencies, he has no faith in their ability however. His hobbies are sitting down, lying down and crate-surfing.

He is committed to exploring music that speaks to him, that hits him in his deep dark northern soul and liberates him from the tedium that is the “real world”. Then he will will offer it for consumption, by you, the masses. Be warned genres will drift and bleed into each other, mixes may be smooth or jagged beyond comprehension, content may unsettle.

None of this would’ve mattered if not for the Mighty Mighty Brethridm of without whom life would be dull beyond belief.

Now, walk home carrying your shoes, says Selah!!

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