Cary Wolfson

The Red Rooster Lounge

The Red Rooster Lounge

The Red Rooster, Cary Wolfson, is an award-winning radio host & producer with Red Rooster Radio Productions in Boulder,  Colorado.

The Rooster was the founder and publisher of Blues Access Magazine for 12 years. He has twice been honored with W.C. Handy Keeping the Blues Alive awards from the Blues Foundation in Memphis, TN. He’s also won awards recently for his photography and is an avid long-distance bicyclist.

Blues From the Red Rooster Lounge is Colorado’s longest-running blues radio show and has attracted a cult following since April 1985. The Red Rooster is a world-renowned authority on the blues and every week he cranks out a lively hour’s worth of “Rooster Music,” an infectious blend of blues and R&B, with a touch of gospel and lost soul tossed in.

Blues from the Red Rooster Lounge originates on Boulder’s KBCO 97.3 FM and airs weekly on 5 radio stations around the U.S. and on Radio Free Amsterdam every Thursday at 4:20 am.


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