Fly By Night: Jam Jam

Fly By Night: Jam Jam

Steve The Fly returns with a collection of live, studio and remixed material from the turbo-charged jazz-funk band Garaj Mahal. Inspired by news of a reunion show in B.C this August, Fly decided to edit together his highlights performing with them as DJ, plus some snippets of abandoned remix projects, started over a decade ago. Special thanks to Kai Eckhardt, Fareed Haque, Alan Hertz, and Eric Levy for the continued support.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Steve The Fly, Fly Agaric 23 Studio, Amsterdam, June 16, 2017 [SFBN-0216]

[01] Garaj Mahal: Gulam Sabri
[02] Garaj Mahal: Gulam Sabri (Fly Agaric Remix)
[03] Garaj Mahal: Tachyonics
[04] Garaj Mahal: No Spect’ (Fly Agaric Remix)
[05] Garaj Mahal: Line Games
[06] Garaj Mahal: Big Rubber Dub (Fly Agaric Remix)
[07] Garaj Mahal: Black Ice
[08] Garaj Mahal: Semos (Fly Agaric Remix)
[09] Garaj Mahal: Semos
[10] Garaj Mahal: Jan Jan
[11] Garaj Mahal: Jam jam (Fly Agaric Remix)

Produced by Steve “The Fly” Pratt for Radio Free Amsterdam
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Sponsored by Ceres Seeds & The Hempshopper, Amsterdam

© 2017 Steve Pratt. Used with permission.

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