Jazz Lunatique: Shake Your Rugulator

Jazz Lunatique: Shake Your Rugulator

David Kunian is playing music on Valentine’s Day by Egg Yolk Jubilee, Public Enemy, Funkadelic, Noah Preminger, Nancy Wilson with the Canonball Adderley Quintet, Bunk Johnson, Nels Kline, Barry White, The BeeGees, Radiohead, and Craig Klein.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
David Kunian, WWOZ-FM, New Orleans, February 14, 2017 [DKJL-0118]

[01] Opening Theme: Egg Yolk Jubilee: A Call For All Demons >
[02] David Kunian ID & Opening Comments
[03] Public Enemy: Fight The Power > David Kunian Comment >
[04] Funkadelic: Wars of Armegeddon
[05] Noah Preminger: We Have A Dream
[06] David Kunian Comments
[07] Nancy Wilson with the Canonball Adderley Quintet: Save Your Love For Me
[08] Bunk Johnson: Make Me A Pallet On The Floor
[09] Nels Kline: Snare Girl
[10] Barry White: Never Gonna Give You Up
[11] The BeeGees: Night Fever
[12] Radiohead: Baby, You’re The Greatest
[13] David Kunian Closing Comments & Outro
[14] Closing Music: Craig Klein: Shake Your Rugulator

Hosted by David Kunian for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced & recorded by David Kunian at WWOZ-FM, New Orleans
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Sponsored by Ceres Seeds & The Hempshopper, Amsterdam

© 2017 David Kunian. Used with permission.

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