John Sinclair Radio Show 241

John Sinclair Radio Show 241

420 Cafe –
Monday, December 22, 2008 @ 11:00-12:00 pm [20-0861]
Amsterdam, nl.

Larry Hayden and Steve Fly and I gathered at the 420 Café this fine Monday evening before Christmas to celebrate our existence, enjoy some Opening Tokes of New York Skunk, shoot the shit and play some music by Radio I Ching, the Howlin’ Diablos, Harmonica Shah, Little Junior Cannady, the Butler Twins, Detroit featuring Mitch Ryder, the Up, Uprising, and the great James Semark with John Dana & Ronnie Johnson from the Detroit Artists Workshop around this time of year in 1964. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Playlist #241

[01] Opening Music: Radio I Ching: Radio Groove
[02] John Sinclair Intro, Comments & Opening Tokes with Steve Fly
[03] Howlin’ Diablos: Back Door Santa
[04] Harmonica Shah: The Life of Every Party
[05] Little Junior Cannady: Everybody Likes What I Got
[06] Butler Twins: Might As Well
[07] John Sinclair Conversation with Steve Fly
[08] Detroit featuring Mitch Ryder: Rock & Roll
[09] Up: Come On
[10] Uprising: Long Hard Road
[11] John Sinclair Conversation with Steve Fly
[12] James Semark: John Coltrane Rhythm Ballad for All
[13] John Sinclair Closing Comments & Outro
[14] Closing Music: Howlin’ Diablos: X-Mas in Jail
[15] Baba Israel Outro > RFA Tag

Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced, edited & assembled by John Sinclair
Recorded & posted by Larry Hayden
Executive Producer: Larry Hayden

Special thanks to Steve Fly at the 420 Café

© 2008 John Sinclair. All Rights Reserved.

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