Mood Indigo: Steal Away

Mood Indigo: Steal Away

Leslie Keros is playing music this week in honor of saxophonist Teddy Edwards with recordings by Edwards with Howard McGhee and on his own, plus tunes by Ernie Andrews, Cory Weeds & the Jeff Hamilton Trio, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Ken Fowser, the Joe Krown-Walter “Wolfman” Washington-Russell Batiste Jr. Trio, David L. Harris, and Charlie Parker.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Leslie Keros, WDCB-FM, Chicago, April 26, 2017 [LKMI- 0030]

[01] Opening Theme: Shirley Scott & Stanley Turrentine: Trouble No. 2 >
[02] Leslie Keros ID & Opening Comments
[03] Teddy Edwards & Howard McGhee: Up There
[04] Teddy Edwards: Stella by Starlight
[05] Ernie Andrews: Don’t Touch Me
[06] Leslie Keros Comments
[07] Cory Weeds & the Jeff Hamilton Trio: Bennissimo
[08] Jonathan Batiste & the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra: Delaunay’s Dilemma
[09] Ken Fowser: Blues for Mabes
[10] Leslie Keros Comments
[11] Joe Krown-Walter “Wolfman” Washington-Russell Batiste: Steal Away
[12] David L. Harris: DJ’s Induction
[13] Leslie Keros Closing Comments & Outro
[14] Teddy Edwards: Scrapple from the Apple
[15] Closing Music: Charlie Parker: La Cucaracha

Hosted by Leslie Keros for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced & recorded by Leslie Keros for WDCB-FM, Chicago
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Sponsored by Hempshopper & Ceres Seeds, Amsterdam

© 2017 Leslie Keros. Used with permission.

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