Party Train: Better By The Pound

Party Train: Better By The Pound

Linda Lexy is driving the Party Train all the way from Funky D Studios in Detroit, where she’s playing music by Tino Gross, Charles Sheffield, Dinah Washington & Brook Benton, Gino Parks, The Gems, Kool & The Gang, Curtis Mayfield, The House Guests, Funkadelic, Joe Tex, Ricky Allen, Mandrill, Gil Scott Heron, James Knight & The Butlers, Gloria Jones, Obie Jessie & Seeds of Freedom, The Stylistics, John Sinclair, and Aretha Franklin.


The John Sinclair Foundation Presents



Linda Lexy, Funky D Studios, Detroit, July 24, 2017 [LLPT-0062]


[01] Linda Lexy Opening Comments & ID

[02] Opening Theme: Tino Gross: Little Soul Sister >

[03] Linda Lexy Opening Comments

[04] Charles Sheffield: The Rock & Roll Train

[05] Dinah Washington & Brook Benton: A Rocking Good Way

[06] Gino Parks: That Fire

[07] The Gems: All Of It

[08] Linda Lexy Comments & ID

[09] Kool & The Gang: Let The Music Take Your Mind

[10] Curtis Mayfield: Get Down

[11] The House Guests: My Mind Set Me Free

[12] Funkadelic: Better By The Pound

[13] Linda Lexy Comments & ID

[14] Joe Tex: Show Me

[15] Ricky Allen: Cut You Loose

[16] Mandrill: Fat City Strut

[17] Gil Scott Heron: Chains

[18] Linda Lexy Comments & ID

[19] James Knight & The Butlers: Baby Please, Pretty Please

[20] Gloria Jones: Why Can’t You Be Mine

[21] Obie Jessie & Seeds of Freedom: Beautiful Day, My Brother

[22] The Stylistics: You Are Beautiful

[23] Linda Lexy Closing Comments, ID  & Outro

[24] John Sinclair: I Surrender Dear

[25] Closing Music: Aretha Franklin: Spirit In The Dark



Hosted by Linda Lexy for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced by Linda Lexy & Tino Gross at Funky D Studios, Detroit

Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Steve Pratt

Sponsored by Hempshopper & Ceres Seeds, Amsterdam


© 2017 Linda Lexy. Used with permission.

 Party Train: Better By The Pound

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