Party Train: Keep On Dancing

Party Train: Keep On Dancing

Linda Lexy is driving the Party Train all the way from Funky D Studios in Detroit, where she’s playing music by Tino Gross, Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, Barbara Randolph, Andre Williams with The Don Juans, Peaches & Herb, Bull & The Matadors, James Brown, George Tindley, Stone Flower, The Glass House, Obsidian II featuring James West, Gwen Owens, Soul Patrol, Claudine Clark, 100 Proof (Aged In Soul), Moses Smith, The Emotions, and Tino G & Robert Bradley featuring Jimmie Bones.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Linda Lexy, Funky D Studios, Detroit, February 11, 2017 [LLPT-0040]

[01] Linda Lexy Opening Comments & ID
[02] Opening Theme: Tino Gross: Little Soul Sister >
[03] Linda Lexy Opening Comments
[04] Hank Ballard & The Midnighters: Keep On Dancing
[05] Barbara Randolph: Can I Get A Witness
[06] Andre Williams with The Don Juans: Bobby Jean
[07] Peaches & Herb: Two Little Kids
[08] Linda Lexy Comments & ID
[09] Bull & The Matadors: The Funky Judge (Part 1)
[10] James Brown: World
[11] George Tindley: Ain’t That Peculiar
[12] Stone Flower: I’m Just Like You
[13] Linda Lexy Comments & ID
[14] The Glass House: I Can’t Be You, You Can’t Be Me
[15] Obsidian II featuring James West: Hanging In
[16] Gwen Owens: I Lost A Good Thing
[17] Soul Patrol: Peter Pan
[18] Linda Lexy Comments & ID
[19] Claudine Clark: The Telephone Game
[20] 100 Proof (Aged In Soul): Somebody Been Sleeping In My Bed
[21] Moses Smith: Try My Love
[22] The Emotions: Don’t Ask My Neighbors
[23] Linda Lexy Closing Comments, ID & Outro
[24] Closing Music: Tino G & Robert Bradley featuring Jimmie Bones: My Thang

Hosted by Linda Lexy for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced by Linda Lexy & Tino Gross at Funky D Studios, Detroit
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Sponsored by Hempshopper & Ceres Seeds, Amsterdam

© 2017 Linda Lexy. Used with permission.

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