Party Train: Push The Button

Party Train: Push The Button

Linda Lexy is driving the Party Train all the way from Funky D Studios in Detroit, where she’s playing music by Tino Gross, The Temptations, Priscilla Page & Rony Darrell, Mack Rice, Ruth Brown, Maceo & All The Kings Men, Bobby Marchan, Sly & The Family Stone, Geater Davis, Jackey Beavers, Rutabaga a.k.a. Andre Williams, Tower of Power, Lyn Collins, David Coleman with the Hector Rivera Orchestra, Jimmy Hughes, Woman, The Relatives, Jimmie Bones, and James Brown.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Linda Lexy, Funky D Studios, Detroit, April 17, 2017 [LLPT-0052]

[01] Linda Lexy Opening Comments & ID
[02] Opening Theme: Tino Gross: Little Soul Sister >
[03] Linda Lexy Opening Comments
[04] The Temptations: The Girl’s Alright With Me
[05] Priscilla Page & Rony Darrell: You Did
[06] Mack Rice: Baby I’m Coming Home
[07] Ruth Brown: As Long As I’m Moving
[08] Linda Lexy Comments & ID
[09] Maceo & All The Kings Men: Got To Get Cha
[10] Bobby Marchan: Push The Button
[11] Sly & The Family Stone: Color Me True
[12] Geater Davis: I Don’t Worry (About Jody)
[13] Linda Lexy Comments & ID
[14] Jackey Beavers: Mr Bump Man (Give Me A Hand)
[15] Rutabaga a.k.a. Andre Williams: Chicken Thighs
[16] Tower of Power: Clean Slate
[17] Lyn Collins: Do Your Thing
[18] Linda Lexy Comments & ID
[19] David Coleman with the Hector Rivera Orchestra: Drown My Heart
[20] Jimmy Hughes: I Like Everything About You
[21] Woman: That’s How It Is
[22] The Relatives: Forgive Me Now (Songbird Goes Home)
[23] Linda Lexy Closing Comments, ID & Outro
[24] Jimmie Bones: Devil’s Trail
[25] Closing Music: James Brown: Make It Good To Yourself

Hosted by Linda Lexy for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced by Linda Lexy & Tino Gross at Funky D Studios, Detroit
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Sponsored by Hempshopper & Ceres Seeds, Amsterdam

© 2017 Linda Lexy. Used with permission.

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