Sounds of Blue: The Weight

Sounds of Blue: The Weight

The third hour of Bob Pitignano’s 70th birthday salute to Duane Allman deatures the great guitarist with the Allman Brothers Band, on his own, with his first band The Hourglass, and as a sideman with Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, King Curtis, and Herbie Mann.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Bob Putignano, Sounds of Blue Studio, New York, November 23, 2016 [RPSB-0046]

[01] Opening Theme: Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia: South Side Strut >
[02] Bob Putignano ID
[03] Allman Brothers Band: Stormy Monday
[04] Allman Brothers Band: Drunken Hearted Boy
[05] Allman Brothers Band: Dimples
[06] Duane Allman: Goin’ Down Slow
[07] Bob Putignano Comments
[08] The Hourglass: B.B. King Medley
[09] Wilson Pickett: Hey Jude
[10] Bob Putignano Comments
[11] Aretha Franklin: It Ain’t Fair
[12] Bob Putignano Comment
[13] King Curtis: The Weight > Bob Putignano Comments
[14] Aretha Franklin: The Weight
[15] Herbie Mann: Push Push
[16] Bob Putignano Comments
[17] Closing Music: Derek & the Dominos: Jam V

Hosted by Bob Putignano for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced by Bob Putignano at Sounds of Blue Studio, New York
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Sponsored by Hempshopper & Ceres Seeds, Amsterdam

© 2017 Robert Putignano. Used with permission.

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