The Blues Show: Blow My Blues Away

The Blues Show: Blow My Blues Away

Bruce Pingree is playing the blues this week starting with an unidentified selection and continuing with music by “Earring” George Mayweather, Joanna Connor, Tony Lynn Washington, The Shirley Lewis Experience, Susan Tedeshi, Paul Rischell & Annie Raines, Sheryl Arena, and Michelle Wilson.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Bruce Pingree, WUNH-FM, Durham, NH, March 17, 2017 [BPBS-0287]

[00] Bruce Pingree ID & Opening Comments
[01] [Unidentified Artist & Selection]
[02] “Earring” George Mayweather: Tomorrow Night
[03] Joanna Connor: Living On The Road
[04] Bruce Pingree Comments & ID
[05] Joanna Connor: He’s Mine
[06] Tony Lynn Washington: Bues Thing
[07] Tony Lynn Washington: It’s My Turn
[08] The Shirley Lewis Experience: Moanin’
[09] The Shirley Lewis Experience: Boppin’ And Rockin’ The Blues
[10] Bruce Pingree Comments & ID
[11] Susan Tedeshi: Little By Little
[12] Paul Rischell & Annie Raines: Old Heartbreak
[13] Paul Rischell & Annie Raines: I Get The Blues
[14] Sheryl Arena: Off The Wall
[15] Bruce Pingree Closing Comments & ID
[16] Sheryl Arena: Blow My Blues Away
[17] Closing Music: Michelle Wilson: I’m Just Your Fool

Hosted by Bruce Pingree for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced by Bruce Pingree at WUNH-FM, Durham, NH
Recorded by Joe McDonough
Editing, post-production, & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Sponsored by Ceres Seeds & The Hempshopper, Amsterdam

© 2017 Bruce Pingree. Used with permission.

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