The Blues Show: The Funkified Blues

The Blues Show: The Funkified Blues

Bruce Pingree is playing the blues by Trudy Lynn, Robin Rogers, E.C. Scott, Hazel Scott, Paul ”Wine” Jones, C.W. Stone King, the Willie J. Laws Band, the Andy T—Nick Nixon Band, Bennie Smith, a pair of unidentified artists, Luther Allison, and Little Walter.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Bruce Pingree, WUNH-FM, Durham, NH, August 14, 2016 [BPBS-0276]

[00] Bruce Pingree ID & Opening Comments
[01] Trudy Lynn: Blues Singin; Woman
[02] Robin Rogers: Hittin’ On Nothin’
[03] E.C. Scott: The Funkified Blues
[04] Hazel Scott: Get Up From There
[05] Bruce Pingree Comments & ID . The Blues Show Promo
[06] Paul ”Wine” Jones: Diggin’ Mama’s Taters
[07] C.W. Stone King: The Thing I Done
[08] Willie Laws Band: Trying To Lose These Blues
[09] Andy T—Nick Nixon Band: Sundown Blues
[10] Bennie Smith: Penrose After Hours
[11] Bruce Pingree Closing Comments & ID
[12] [Unidentified Artist]: Unidentified Selection
[13] [Unidentified Artist]: Unidentified Selection
[14] Luther Allison: Luther’s Blues
[15] Closing Music: Little Walter: As Long As I Have You

Hosted by Bruce Pingree for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced by Bruce Pingree at WUNH-FM, Durham, NH
Recorded by Joe McDonough
Editing, post-production, & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Steve Pratt
Sponsored by Ceres Seeds & The Hempshopper, Amsterdam

© 2017 Bruce Pingree. Used with permission.

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